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It’s been the Nathan & Duke show since S2. :/ Not here for it. and LOL you’re the second person I’ve talked to this week about how it’s really weird that Vince & Dave are brothers, not boyfriends.

I like Duke a lot, but the focus should be on Audrey. It’s her story.

I feel like maybe they intended for them to be boyfriends at the start (or ambiguously boyfriends anyway) but then backtracked and were like NOPE TOO GAY, QUICK MAKE THEM BROTHERS

So to recap (Haven 4x13)

Yet another female character gets fridged. The best character on the show is near death. And the second best character on the show is now someone else.

I liked season 4 a lot, and I think a lot of that was due to Jennifer, who I liked, and Lexie!Audrey, who I REALLY liked. So I await season 5 with some trepidation. I really do not want to watch the Nathan Wuornos Show. He’s the Jack Shephard of Haven, in that I feel like I’m supposed to like and identify with him because Straight White Everyman Dude With Emotional Problems, but surprise, I do not.

(Seriously though how great would it be if Vince and Dave were a canonically gay couple)

OK but the thing about Haven

What makes William so terrifying isn’t just that he’s evil or that he wants to turn Audrey into a version of him. It’s the gaslighting. He talks just like an abuser, telling Audrey that this is all for her own good, and assuring her that deep down inside, she loves him. That’s just creepy on a whole other, non-supernatural-evil level.



Some gems from the #AskSupernatural tag 

Oh i liked the “it’s 2014 why everyone is straight or dead” and also “it’s ok to see dean lust for a female dog but shamefull for destiel to ever happen” i’m so gratefull that they came up with #askspn




Remember that time Daleks and Cybermen had sass-off?


No one sasses better than the Daleks and Cybermen. No one.




a show is only as good as its filler episodes

and avatar: the last airbender was on a whole other level



Heere’s the thing about 11th Doctor: his character could be done well. If y’all think back to episodes like The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex, these episodes were well-written, straight-forward, and properly heart-wrenching at points, and there was actually character development. These episodes made you care for the characters and understand this new Doctor. Why? Because the episodes were written by someone who wasn’t Moffat. The trouble with the new!Who is not it being tired or the actors doing a bad job, but the chief writer is a complete pig that writes sexual assault as comic relief and turns the Holocaust into a gimmick. And people wonder why I’m sceptical about 12th doctor.

Sidenote: not saying all guest writers are beneficial, see Gatiss.

Anonymous asked

Hey! I have a question for you about John Winchester. Considering that turning Dean and Sam into hunters was necessary for their survival (since I believe John knew YED was gonna come back for Sammy), how do you think John could have raised them decently and in a non-abusive way while still being a hunter and raising them to become hunters?

livebloggingmydescentintomadness answered

I feel like I can answer this question simply with another question.

How would Bobby have raised Sam and Dean?

Bobby might have been rough around the edges and a functional alcoholic, but he loved those boys. And whatever argument you make to excuse John’s behavior, Bobby was put through worse. John’s dad disappeared when he was a kid? Bobby’s dad beat him and his mom. John saw his wife murdered by a demon? Bobby was forced to kill his wife himself when she was possessed by a demon. But he didn’t throw his life away for the sake of vengeance, and he took care of those kids better than John ever did when the bastard dumped them on Bobby’s doorstep. 

See, teaching them to be hunters doesn’t equal isolating them from friends and family and depriving them of any sort of stability or home. It doesn’t mean leaving them alone in shitty motel rooms eating shitty food over fucking Christmas while you chase down cases no one is forcing you to take. It doesn’t mean turning them into child soldiers whom you don’t actually teach or confide in but use to your convenience and give only as much knowledge as you see fit. It doesn’t mean brainwashing your oldest child into believing that his only usefulness is to look after his brother, putting responsibilities on a child that would be unreasonable for an adult, and it sure as fuck doesn’t mean verbally and emotionally abusing your children at every opportunity.

It also doesn’t mean abandoning them without any word of where you’ve gone or why, and literally refusing to speak to them when they are desperately trying to contact you. Cause, you know, one of your son’s girlfriend was murdered and your other son is dying of heart failure.

Bobby would have taught Sam and Dean all of the lore in his library. He would have taken them out back and taught them to shoot, taught them hand to hand, and then he would have played catch with them, made sure they’d done their homework, ordered them pizza and tucked them into bed. He would have operated as a hunter from his home base, and he would have gotten choked up at Dean’s high school graduation and thrown his arms around Sam when he got his acceptance letter to Stanford. 

Bobby would have been gruff and had a hard time saying ‘I love you’, probably wouldn’t have ever just come out and say it like that. But he would have been proud of his boys, would have said ‘good job, son’ and ‘atta boy’ when they hit the center of the target AND when they got straight As. He would have given them a home, a place to put down roots, even if it was a little shabby and messy. He would have sat with them at the dinner table and listened to them talk about what they’re dealing with. He would have made sure Dean didn’t take all the responsibility for Sam onto his own shoulders. 

Bobby would have been their dad. He would have been there and he would have taken care of them and loved them.


Also, John didn’t even teach them half of what they needed to know. His crappy ‘need-to-know’ basis meant that there were tons of things useful for their survival that he never taught them.

We saw a perfect example of that with “Dead Man’s Blood” — John doesn’t tell D&S what signs he saw on the road to let them know they were going in the right direction until Sam pushes back and makes him. If that’s a good sample of how they used to work together (and we certainly get the implication it is), him giving unexplained orders and expecting them to shut up and obey, then he was a terrible teacher.





goodbye i’m gone bye

#perhaps it’s the fact that twelve has a pose all about power and control while clara is all demure #he looks straight into the camera #challenging it #while she smiles sweetly and looks off to the side #one leg bent - one hand on the console #unsteady almost #certainly staged #this just has heteronormative gender roles written all over it #the oncoming patriarchy #is all i can see 
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And in contrast, observe Rose Tyler, BAMF, in promo stills for Series 1:

Firmly rooted. Looking straight at the camera. NOT smiling.  Even when Nine is guarding her with his body, she’s directly engaging with whatever they’re confronting. And sometimes she’s looking at the viewer, or the action, and Nine is looking at *her*.  She’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

#excellent tags are excellent#jfc moffat#twelfth doctor#clara oswald#the oncoming patriarchy#in contrast with#ninth doctor#rose tyler#bamf#i know that’s a lot of pictures#but i kept looking for counterexamples#and there weren’t any#someone who’s got more martha and donna promo pictures handy#should do some examples of their presentation

(credit to tragicalhistorytour)
/w martha

/w donna

and some more promo pics of rose but hanging out w/ ten:

honestly is rather hard to find promo pics from the 2005/2009(?) years where the doctor and the companion aren’t shown to be in equal footing, the closest i could find to the above situation was this, but it is a) not a very common shot?  i don’t remember eer seeing this particular ver of the promo pic, and b) rose is still showing a very confident stance, even if she’s not directly adressing the viewer like ten.

orrr maybe this one w/ donna? i think this one was used in one of the recent blue ray covers for s4.

ps LET’S NOT FORGET THAT amy promos started like this:

and ended like this:





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And in contrast, observe Rose Tyler, BAMF, in promo stills for Series 1:

Firmly rooted. Looking straight at the camera. NOT smiling.  Even when Nine is guarding her with his body, she’s directly engaging with whatever they’re confronting. And sometimes she’s looking at the viewer, or the action, and Nine is looking at *her*.  She’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

THAT’S who that was! I love how many of Tennant’s co-stars in various things are in this series. Horatio from Hamlet, Rory from DW, and Argus Filch from Harry Potter. (I know Tennant only had a tiny part in HP&tDH but still)