Image description: The really great part is the commentary by an extra below, but for form’s sake: a greyscale illustrated (sort of a charcoal style? I’m not very artistic) comic, three panels, reenacting the Stuttgart scene in The Avengers.

PANEL 1: Loki addressing the crowd: “Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. You were made to be ruled.”

PANEL 2: Loki in closeup: “In the end, you will always kneel.”

PANEL 3: Two men and a woman in the front row of the crowd, all kneeling. Dark-haired bespectacled guy: “Wovon zur Hölle redet der?” Light-haired tuxedo guy: “Scheisse, ich hab keine Ahnung.” Translated in yellow font below: “The fuck is he going on about?” ” - Fuck if I know.”







#Fun fact: We were asked to scream when running out of the gala #but none of us knew much german #so a lot of people were screaming the only German things they knew #Wiener Schnitzel #Oktoberfest #Schadenfreude

Omg, Revvi.  Are you serious? LMAO

100% serious. The three I tagged were the most common, but there was a few  ”kindergarten”s here and there as well. One girl really did know German, and she was utterly baffled by what was going on. 

this is the best story

Oh my god I’m dying… It’s just the mental image… a crazy alien has just stabbed a man in his eye (sort of) and people run away screaming “OKTOBERFEST!” canlskcjanscjkna send help kslnckasnc

This is officially the best thing ever. I’d like subtitles for the screaming on the DVD, plz.

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